Natural Wood Fire Lighter | Natural Firelighters – Packing12pcs and 200 pcs

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Natural Wood Fire Lighter – Natural Igniter: Each box contains 12 Natural igniters. Only 1 Flame is required for starting a flame when used with kindling. Perfect for lighting Lumpwood Charcoal on your BBQ, no need for petroleum fluid anymore.

Natural Wood Fire Lighter has a Great Eco Igniter: So easy to light and keeps burning for a long time. Lights kindling and coal are so easy and effective in both ignition and multi-fuel burners. Flame for Up to 10 Minutes, perfect for use with kindling for open fires and stoves.

Material for Natural Wood Fire Lighter: The igniter is made from wooden material and wax. They have no smell to them and are lightfast for ages. Perfect for anyone cooking with wooden material.

Natural Wood Fire Lighters are Easy to Use: Igniter for wood burners, fireplaces, and BBQ or camping. Very easy to use, lights your kindling quickly, and will get a fire started instantly. 5Every Occasion: Perfect for wooden burning stoves, BBQ, pizza ovens, fireplaces, camp, and more coming up to Christmas


Name: Wooden Igniter

Material: wooden wool + wax

Purpose: ignition

Weight: about 15g/piece

Color: burlywood

Single size: length about 60mm/2.36 in * diameter about 30mm/1.18 in

Packing List: 1pack (12pcs) Wooden Igniter (200pcs) Carton/Box