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Wooden products, We can produce any wooden products like pallets, furniture elements, decking, and any other.

ATC-UA WOOD is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood products. We refine our renewable northern wood into sustainable, material-efficient, and high-quality products that store carbon for decades.

We provide birch and spruce plywood, Kerto® LVL, and upgraded timber products, for the demanding needs of our construction, industrial, and distribution customers. We are constantly developing the features and applications of our products in collaboration with our customers and partners.

In an ever more responsible world, the importance of wood keeps growing. We use traceable wood from sustainably managed Northern forests. Our wood products are perfect for building the future.

wooden products – Our future is our legacy

We have nurtured northern wood for generations. Toughened by Nordic nature, this renewable material is refined into products that provide versatile and sustainable solutions for society. Our contribution towards building the future.

Sustainability in ATC-UA Wood

ATC-US Wood is part of ATC Group, a Ukrainian forest industry group that operates in international markets. Sustainability has its place in the core of Odesa. Everything we do involves sustainability – from the forest all the way to the products, all around the company. ATC-UA Wood aims to be the global forerunner in sustainable construction through its innovative wood products, resource efficiency across the value chain, and effective use of renewable materials.

We are committed to serving three customer segments: construction, distribution, and the transport vehicle industry. By delivering high-quality wood products, we offer our customers sustainable, cost-effective, and durable alternatives. Our main products are Kerto® LVL, birch and spruce plywood, and further processed sawn timber (UA). Material-efficient wood products store carbon and play an important role in combating climate change.

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