Planed (S4S) timber – Buy Planed (S4S) timber on request

Planed (S4S) timber

We are a manufactory, and the factory price is attractive for the world market.

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The main raw materials of the products are from the Ukrainian fresh forests covering over 10 million hectares of Pine, spruce, beech, fir, birch, aspen, oak, ash, hornbeam, alder, and Russian larch. In the production process, all raw materials are first-grade wood whole boards and whole cores.

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After being cut into a single board and dried by our own Group processing plants we have more than 12 production units ready for your special request.

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Planed S4S lumber is also called Dimensional lumber. S4S means “Surfaced on 4 sides”. It means the material is finished on all four sides. S4S finished lumber and dimensional lumber are characterized as per normal size or size of the rough board before it surfaced smooth.

Planed S4S timber Country of shipment: Baltic port of Gdansk

Size : Thickness: 16-80mm Width: 40-150mm Length: 100-4000mm

Description: We can plane on our equipment any kind of timber.

Clients place your order request with a special specification in need, we assure production in days after order confirmation.

S4S Timber for sale / Planned Timber for sale

Planed S4S lumber, We are consistently involved in providing an excellent stock of planned S4S timber, as per the latest market requirement. We have the best quality planned S4S timber for sale. We are associated with the transportation and international trading of planned S4S timber in the Middle East, the Northern part of Africa, China, India, South Korea, and the European Union.

S4S Timber Distributors / Planned Timber Distributors

Planed S4S lumber, We export planned S4S timber to more than 30 countries. Our clients are satisfied with our supplies as we provide high-quality Ukrainian planned S4S timbers for economic wages. We have an outstanding stock of wholesale planned S4S timbers that we offer to customers in order to meet their prerequisites. We are one of the recognized planned S4S timber suppliers. Customers can buy planned S4S timber from us at very reasonable rates. So, hurry and contact us to order the planned S4S wood timber.

Buy planed s4s Timber / Buy Planned S4S Timber

Planed S4S Timber Fresh Cut AB or any grade

Length/Size: Customized (As per your requirement)

Quality: Fresh cut, dried, planed S4S timber as per your prerequisites without any cracks, wormholes, or rot are available.

Planed S4S Timber

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