Order RUF wooden Briquettes

RUF Wooden briquettes

Order RUF Wooden briquettes Country of shipmentUkraine

Description: Order RUF Wooden briquettes

Oder Wooden briquettes RUF type have the shape of a parallelepiped (a brick). They are made by pressing at high pressure.

Ash content 0,5%
Moisture 10%
Sulfur 0,04%
Density 1,1 kg/m3
Net calorific value 17,76 MJ/kg
Gross calorific value 19,15 MJ/kg

10 kg Bag Briquette Packing
After pressing, the briquettes are hand-packed into bags, sealed, and stacked onto the palette.

Order RUF Wooden briquettes – One full truckload of briquettes is 25 Palettes, a totally of 24 tons. The palette is being side-strapped for improved security during transportation and has the cover to protect from excessive rain.

Order Wooden briquettes  – The presses are regularly renewed to make the correct RUF shape and proper density.

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